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Where to Visit
Yangon-The City of Yangon was once the cleanest city in Asia, some even exaggerated as the Queen of the Cities. Singapore, in fact, was designed after studying how Yangon was built. Yangon is the gateway to Myanmar. Ever green and cool with lush tropical trees, shady parks and lakes.
Bago (Pegu)-Bago, one the capital of the powerful Mon Kingdom but now charming backwater, still has many interesting things to see. Situated 80 Kilometers (50 miles) northeast of Yangon, it makes an ideal day trip or an overnight stop on the way to Kyaikhtiyo.
Mandalay-Mandalay is the historical old capital, a capital of Myanmar culture, Buddhist Sasana and Myanmar traditional arts and crafts, with the life span of one hundred and forty two years, a city which abounds in historical sites, cultural memorials and Buddhist edifices and Myanmar's second largest city.
Bagan- Capital of the first Myanmar Empire; one of the richest archaeological sites in South-east Asia. The 42 sq km area of Bagan contains over 2000 edifices, the well-preserved pagodas and temples representing the rich cultural heritage of the 11th - 13th century.
Inle- Inle Lake is about 900 meters above sea-level and 22 km long and 10 km wide. Inle Lake, natural and unpolluted, is famous for its scenic beauty and the unique leg-rowing of the Inthas, the native lake dwellers.
Kyaikhtiyo- The Kyaikhtiyo pagoda is one of the most ancient and celebrated of all pagodas in Myanmar. It is situated in the vicinity of Kyaikhto township, Thaton district. The pagoda is said to have been built during the life-time of the Buddha over 2400 years ago.
Kyaing Tong- Located 456km from Taunggyi, is at 787m above sea level. This is the capital of Eastern shan State. Kyaing Tong is inhabited by ethnic tribes such as Wa, Shan, Akha and Lahu. Kyaing Tong is full of temples, colonial buildings, lakes and is the most scenic town in Shan State.
Mrauk U- Once known as 'Arakan', the Rakhaing State on the western coast line facing the Bay of Bengal was an ancient Kingdom that the second century Greek Cartographer Ptolemy mentioned as Argyle. The list of kings carved in stone, state that it flourished as early as 6th century BC.
Myitkyina- Myitkyina is the capital and centrally located in the Kachin State. It is the northern most railway terminal, 919 miles from Yangon and 487 miles from Mandalay. Myitkyina can be reached by road, rail, river and air. Visitor can tour the MyitSone.
Myitsone- MayKa, MeliKha sister-rivers combines to form might Ayeyarwady. The confluence is called Myitsone. There is a hotel near the confluence. It is an hour drive from Myitkyina.
Puta'o- In the far north of the country at the foot of snow covered mountains lies small village of ethnic Kachin Tribes. All these villages are administered from PutaO – the largest town along snowy hills.
Molashidi- Anyone who have seen more than twenty suspension bridges will say that Molashidi offer the most breath taking view when he or she sees it. It spans the ravine of Molashi.